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Year of The Bunny/Intense Work out!

We got two wonderful drawings in store for you~! First things first, let's discuss something important!

Happy (late) New Year! It's The Year of The Bunny! And well, what better way to celebrate than to draw a bnnuy~! Jill really rocks the outfit well I think~! Secondly, she seems to have made a new years resolution! Which she's been trying to stick to!

Jill's been working out super hard to keep fit and in shape! And so far, she's been sweating up a storm! She's holding nothing back when it comes to her goals! Update wise, I have been going through life, struggling through school- Not literally but- just distracted a lot. I'm also deciding to work on a new book! I'm working on a fun little novel which I'm going to be calling: "La Chanson: The World's Song" Stay tuned next update as I go update you more on the book if interested! I hope you all enjoy these art pieces! I worked super duper hard on them! I hope to see you all again soon! -Not a Menace (NaM)

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