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Jill the Marshmallow~! Reference Sheet!

I always post about Jill, but never give a good reference for her! So hopefully this will be good enough to last for a long while! With her height roughly summing up to 5', Jill is a Marshmallow gal ready to party! Jill is 20...something- And she has quite a lot of lore! I will go to detail with it now~! Lore: Jill is as previously stated, a Marshmallow, however she derives from a bustling city of Marshmallow people! A neon city with the busy and dirty streets of modern New York! The city though is unimportant. Jill is a wandering city dweller who loves to party, make friends, and do her hobbies professionally~! She's works at an artistic karaoke bar, and loves to host parties, sing karaoke, and dance for the patrons! She also loves to host drawing nights there! On her free time though, she does love to go and explore both in the city and out of the city! Where she ends up and who she finds is rather up to fate! Jill however holds a sinister alterego... A darkside dwelling within her! Her gothic alterego or just bluntly Goth Jill or Edgy Jill is the opposite of the actual thing! While normal Jill is happygolucky, smiley, and lovey dovey; Goth Jill is spiteful, noncaring, and blows people off without a second though. With her signature line: "Whatever."

Jill and Goth Jill are both the same entity and the way they take control more or less are just a drop of a hat! No makeup required either!

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