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Art Showcase Update!

Hello hello HELLO~! Long time no see! It's been quite a while so I have some art to catch you up on and the artist journey I have been on!

First of all, may I happily present, the Jillmori emotion chart! Yes I made a Jillmori chart and I think it is fairly accurate. Curated and approved by specialists; I made a wondrous Jillmori chart!

This chart was nice to make as I loved working with and doing different styling. The Omori style was quite a goofy thing to make and work with but I was happy to work with it and create something beautiful with it! It turned out rather well and I believe it is rather representational of emotion!

Next up I would love to present... Fanart of a game! A game called "The Coffin of Andy and Leyley" A rpgmaker horror adventure puzzle game! Where you eat your neighbor-- It's... more fun than it seems, I promise!

This drawing was fun to make too, I loved working with the alternative style while using different texture work. It's a depiction of Leyley in my style with the classic Andy and Leyley style known and loved. It was super duper fun to do and I had a LOT of fun. It in fact inspired my next piece which was...

A Yandere Jill! Using the same style of the Leyley drawing, I decided to make a alternative Jill! A vicious Yandere Jill who craves the taste of... flesh...? Or maybe it's just mystery meat. The world may never know. She loves talking about her cravings for meat and flesh and gets very VERY protective over the people she loves... Rather crazy, rather silly, rather sexy. Which transitions to...

This silly and simple drawing of the three different Jill types I made so far! The whole gang is here! Classic, Goth, and Yandere! I'm starting to make a bit of a Jilliverse. I would have to happily work more on it but it's going in a direction I'm happy to see it in! I even toyed with the idea of making it into a game!

Of course it was a silly joke and edit, but imagine how goofy and fun it would be~! I have two more spledid drawings to show as I close off this blog as well, I have some more silly and goofy fanart

The Shygals! I was really really wanting to make some goofy shygal drawings and I made these! They were goofy and fun to make and I had lots and lots of fun making them! I enjoyed making the alts as well as just simply doing the shading. It was around the start of me using a different and more complex shading technique which I might adapt. As the results are nice. They really do help the drawing stand out in comparison to just simple cell shading. And that leaves us with the final most recent doodle. It's nothing too crazy but it'll be a nice closing to close off the blog; as the last major drawing made.

I really did want to do some shading experimentation with this and I decided to use water color brushes to shade instead of basic cell shade. I don't think the results were too bad but I might stick with cell shading as it helps the drawing pop more with personality I feel.

And that will happily be the closing of this blog. With these drawings I learned of texture overlay work, shading techniques, lighting, as well as dynamic style changing. I loved making each and every one of these and I feel each of these helped me experiment with different styles and ideas as well as different techniques. I feel I learned a lot making all these in the span of time and hopefully I can continue making more dynamic and wonderful drawings where I can happily admit I learn. Thank you all so much for coming around and seeing my blog! I hope I can make more drawings in the future and make more blogs! Bye bye for now! With love,

-NaM <3

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