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Who AM I?

Marshmallow Gremlin Baby

Oh! Hello! Seems like you're exploring my website a little bit more than just the home page... I'm surprised! But in a good way! I go by NaM. Short for Not a Menace. And this is my world! NaM's World! Pretty catchy, right? I post 2-D cartoons, doodles, and fun little pictures!

I love lots of hobbies! Coding, Computers, Art, Animation, Anime, Music, you name it! I am basically that weird kid who sat in your class but never said anything. Yup! I'm NaM!

I would go into more of a deep dive but- I'm sure you would find that really boring so I'll keep it brief. I remember when I was a weeee- lad I was inspired to draw and ever since I have went through with my dreams and went on to become an artist! And my dream is to inspire others to create wonderful things! I hope you create wonderful things as well, and I hope I can inspire you!

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But NaM! I wanna know MORE!

The Origin Story!

Ugh... Fine... since you're SO insistent, I guess I can tell you how I began drawing... I'm kidding of course! I'd love to tell you! For a fee...

I'm kidding again! Haha! But seriously, this is how it all started-

A long, long, LONG time ago... there was once a small small marshmallow named NaM who, when they were really young, had a friend who loved art! At the time, NaM was just in elementary school. 2nd grade and had no idea what they wanted to do until they asked what their friend was doing under the oak tree on such a sunny day.

After some time, they got taught how to draw fun things and eventually learned how to make their own stories and developed their own style of drawings!

With their fledgling start and Kirby inspiration, they sought against the world to prove they were creative and can become an artist!

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There HAS to be more...!

Becoming the Definition of Cartoons...

And you're right random title box used to push a narrative... There is, in fact, more to this story. So what about you let me tell it?!

4th wall breaking aside- We continue...

Later on down their career of making amateur cartoons, they soon found out of something that would change their life and fully solidify what in their life the marshmallow wanted to be... I speak of- The World of Animation.

I remember as a lad I always liked cartoons but nothing on the kids channels capsulized anything in my small mind. But then I found my hero...

Gildedguy, The Knight in Gold Armor. My Knight in Gold Armor. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be into what I am today. And... there would not be a story for me to tell right now.

I do recommend you watch his video above and look at all of their stuff.

Since then though, I have developed in my own direction and well... Here we are today!

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