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🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃

Happy Halloween everyone! Today's blog post includes:

  • A life update!

  • Art reflection!

Happy Halloween!

Life Update

So, I first wanted to go and start off by saying it's getting close to the end of the year... 2 more months! I had a lot happen in my life ever since the last post I made on my blog! My mental health has recently been a whole lot better than ever before, and I am finally feeling as though I am more filled with purpose than ever, and I feel proud of myself and who I am! I made a few revelations as well as a few improvements. I will keep my mental health issues away from my professional areas such as Discord and Twitter; and I will keep them locked away in a more controlled and private enclosure with close friends and family/Therapy. I don't want to endanger other people with my nasty mental health problems. Especially people who happen to stumble by and happen to see that as a first impression. That would be absolutely awful for them to see! I don't want to stir a pot of dread...

So aside from that, I also managed to get on better terms with both my school work, and my work in life. And I generally feel as though I am in an all time high! I been working super duper hard on achieving what I want in life, and I believe I'm working super hard and getting close to that! I have the support of my friends, loved ones, and you all that help push me and keep me going! I haven't lost hope yet, and I have you all and everyone in my life to thank for accepting me as a person!

For this website, I also managed to figure out a way to stomp out the constant spam on the forums and I managed to stump it for now by deleting posts and bot spam! I won't know entirely for sure how long the forum will be down, but you can always discuss things in my Discord Server!

In other news; I managed to break past 100 followers on Twitter! I been super happy and excited about this development and I am looking forward to the future with you all! I can't wait to keep growing with you all and I will be more than happy to keep working hard with you all too!!!

Gimme an opinion while you are here too if you all don't mind! I am thinking of getting a nice pet as a companion! If I were to get a pet; what pet should I get?

What pet should I get~?

  • Bunny rabbit

  • Kitty cat

  • Ratty rat

  • Small doggy

Art Reflection

So, time for the Art Reflection for some of my recent pieces that I have worked on! Of course there is my Halloween Piece that I had created, and first thoughts, I really had a lot of fun making it! I did feel a bit rushed with the deadline of Halloween, and if I could change anything at first glance, I'd really like to work a bit more with the reflections and shading more... I feel it wasn't as refined; or it was very messy and directionless. I was drawing it rather carelessly and aimlessly. Of course; I have more art that I am willing to share and reflect on with you all in this post too!!!

Fancy Jill

This is my Fancy Jill drawing! I was super happy with how this one turned out; and looking at it, I'm still super proud of it! It's a really good piece! If I could work on anything and improve on it more, I'd define the neck area a bit more so the collar seems more realistic to the proportions. As well as working on the glasses so that they are a lot more apparent and less thin and flimsy looking. If you all want to chip in with any advice; I'd be happy to hear any and all input! I could always use the inspiration and consideration of others!

Fun fact: This drawing was actually inspired by a random set of doodles I had made,

These doodles were made after a long break and absence I had with drawing and making art work, so I enjoyed making a fun doodle involving the dress that I had made.

I also managed to redesign a character of mine, Queenie the Bee!

And this was the redesign sheet I had made for her! At the time; I wanted to experiment with folds as well as making my characters have more experimental and chubby proportions. My main area of focus would be the main focus on the right. I enjoyed particularly drawing the tummy and torso area. As that helped make a more chubby and cute appearance! Although I do want to work more on the design to make it more appealing... I may experiment with making hair and also adding more particular details wherever I can to not only make it more appealing, but to not come off as automatically sexualized.

Aside from that, those are the main things I could possibly talk about... I can still share some other doodles and creations in order to help satiate the art crave!

A thumbnail for a Bug Fables series I am working on!

Toy Chica Fan Art

A sloppy Mimi-Sentry doodle


So, that's really all I have left for this blog post, I really enjoyed informing and updating you all with everything going on! I enjoy coming to my website! And I am still happy to make happy little blogs to you all! I appreciate you all for reading and doing everything you all do to support me and my endeavors online! I don't have much left to add onto this; so I will say I love you all and I hope you all have a very wonderful Halloween! See you all next time with another blog and update!

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