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Tsukino from Monster Hunter Stories 2!/Updates

Hello everyone, long time no see. To keep this part of the Blog brief, I'll post the image first and caption it! This is Tsukino, a Palico from the Monster Hunter series. Specifically Monster Hunter Stories 2. I been playing a lot of Rise on my switch and been enjoying Monster Hunter, and I saw this cutie everywhere, so I drew her enjoying a tasty looking fish in front of her. Enjoy!


Now to the main meat of the blog, an update. Where have I been?

Well, let's start off by saying, I don't have a computer. Or rather, I do not have a powerful computer any longer. That means (for the time being) no more 4K uploads from this point forward, as it will now be 1080P until I get a new computer. This also means- No more PNGtuber streams as of the moment. I was beginning to enjoy streaming, despite the randomness and goof ups... And finally, commissions will be postponed! So if you have a commission under me, it may be delayed as all my files are... well... gone now...

So far, I have spent 400+ dollars, attempting to repair and assess my computer, diagnosing the issue and well, that's already half of the cost. So I'm just going to save up and buy a new computer out right. All the first are gone as well, as before my computer bricked, I did a hard factory reset, killing all the memory inside. Which is a shame, as, I had a lot of valuable stuff. Including commissions, comic panels, and my PNGtuber model. So this has set me back by a long way.

I will attempt to make small doodles here and there until I get a new computer again, but for now, I apologize for all the inconveniences! I will do my best to update my blog more with new progress reports if anything happens, and new streams of art from my old computer laptop. I hope to see you all again soon,

Best regards,


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