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T-Shirts, Pins, Stickers, Notebooks?! Oh my!

Recently I have been diving in a fun little endeavor... T-shirts/merchandising! Not particularly because I need the money but rather to expand my horizons and to have fun making something that you all will like and that I will be proud of selling! I wanna make some cool shirts, and pins for everyone to by with cute little designs on them! I'm gonna be working on a few bits of merchandising here and there, but it won't be my main focus... The current design I have so far should be good when it comes to making pins, stickers, shirts, and notebooks. So look forward to those soon! On a side note, Inheritor Chronicles is still being worked on as we speak! I'm fleshing out some of the newer pages and soon with enough time, Inheritor Chronicles will perhaps have it's own tab/page on this website so I may publish my comics on there in a more professional way! That's all for now though! Look forward to really cool stuff coming up! ...And since I'm so nice... I'll share with you all a bit of the design! It's still far from being finished since I got more filters to add, shading, smoothing, dimensions, ect. But this should be a good look at what I've been working on so far!

I really do look forward to seeing you all again soon! I LOVE blogging on my website a lot! And I love sharing with you all the fun and neat projects I'm working on! Talk to you all soon! Toodaloo~!

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