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PNGtuber Debut tomorrow!

Hello hello! I'm just starting my road on the PNGtuber grind- I'm going to be streaming on Youtube, and I'm gonna have... NO idea on what I'm doing :>

I'm gonna be doing this blind and I hope you all can join me on my small little quest to just have fun doodling, chatting, and being a gamer :>

I plan to start streaming tomorrow at 10:40PM EST, and I'm gonna know none of the rules. I'll throw in some funny words that child friendly Youtube police will try and cancel me for. :)

I hope to see you around, I'm gonna be letting out my inner gamer and I'm gonna be excited to see where this adventure takes me~!

I don't really have a schedule so I hope that isn't an issue!

Come visit me on Youtube~!: (My model test!)

And... I hope I don't have to cancel last minute Ow<~

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