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Let's Meet: Wiz the Stardust Witch!

With the idea of redesigning one of my favorite old characters, I thought it was time to write/express some lore of the one and only Stardust Witch... Wiz!

With her wand in hand, Wiz the Stardust Witch takes pride in her magical escapades! As a Stardust Witch, that means she specializes in magic involving the stars! Using stardust, she can do a lot of different things and lots of different magic! And with her patent Star-Wand, she can channel the power of shooting stars to make any wish she desires come true! She's quite a quirky girl who often finds herself wishing for something and making trouble- only making it worse and worse the more wishes she makes for more solutions to her problem, further escalating a problem! However eventually she does manage to fix everything up at the end of the day... She's alas, friends with Jill too! Only recently however since she only just recently graduated from the secret Witch Academy! Where all witches and aspiring witches go to train their magics and improve their trade. Maybe she can wish her way into your heart and help you shoot for the stars!

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