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Hail to the Queen~!

Are you ready to serve the queen~? Hello once again everyone~! I'm back with a drawing I made! And this time; it's about one of my OC's and Jill's best friend; Queenie! Queenie is a simple worker bee of a large hive where she works with her cousins to make lots of honey! One day; Queenie went to explore and got lost and now is roommates with Jill! Living in Jill's apartment with Quakers too; her pet duck! Queenie since has lived with Jill and is Jill's best friend! Happily joining in her antics while being a bit of a silly little bee herself~ While she's very ditsy and silly, I thought it would have been fun to give this cool interesting side to Queenie which shows how she can easily reign as a queen~! Her name didn't come from nowhere you all know~ So despite her nature being silly; here she is ready to show you what it means to work as a drone under her monarch~ I hope you all like this drawing! And in case you find the colors too harsh- I made a less harsh version with toned down colors and things;

That way all the fine details may be appreciated~! I had a lot of fun drawing this picture; and I hope you all share and like these drawings! More on the way soon! Take care you guys~! -Not a Menace (NaM)

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